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How to avoid a rent review disaster?

24 03 20 blog LL

Read the lease.

I often get asked for tips on how to manage a rent review to achieve the best outcome and my answer usually starts and finishes with the advice; read the lease.

Rent review disasters include having to pay an unbudgeted rent increase, an over-rented lease that cannot be disposed of, or an under-rented lease that deflates the freehold value. How can you avoid this?

Of course, you should appoint a rent review consultant. That consultant should be experienced in the sector in which you operate; there is no point in appointing a surveyor who specialises in factories in the Midlands to negotiate your rent review on a pub in Soho.

That consultant should also work in a business that undertakes letting transactions in your sector - they need an up to date understanding of what is going on in the market in order to properly advise on market value.

If your business operates over a broad geographical region, then that consultant should also be able to draw on regional expertise as well.

But what about the more technical details?

  • What is the rent review valuation date? It’s in the lease.
  • Should tenant’s improvements be disregarded? Usually, but it depends upon what your lease says.
  • Are there onerous lease terms that should reflected in the rent agreed? Read the lease.
  • What hypothetical lease terms should be assumed? You guessed it.
  • How is a dispute resolved? Usually by either an arbitrator or an independent expert, it’s in the lease.
  • Can I challenge the outcome? Sometimes, but what does the lease say?
Planning is important as well. Start early; develop a strategy and budget properly including making appropriate provisions for back dated increases, plus interest. Didn’t know that interest was payable? It’s in the lease.

Having specialised in this field for 35 years, I have witnessed  most things that can go right or wrong in a rent review negotiation, and they haven't always been my fault. However, I am sure that in almost every case that a disaster has occurred, it could have been averted by following this advice - read the lease.

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