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Rate bills in London for prime industrial & logistics property expected to soar in the next Revaluation – rises of over 50% forecast

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Significant rental growth in the sector mean occupiers of industrial/ logistics property will see average increases of 18.7% across the board on rates payable from April 2023, with highest spikes in London, the South East and South West.

Occupiers of industrial and logistics properties will see significant rises in their business rates bills following the next revaluation in 2023, particularly for prime assets in London and the South East (and in the South West) according to latest forecasts by the Colliers Business Rates Team.

Colliers estimate that business rates bills in London* for prime industrial and logistics space will increase on average by 50.2% following the next revaluation, with the South West of England seeing rises of 32.5% and the South East 30.6%. For all industrial/logistic space, rates bills will increase by 35.6% higher in London, 25.7% in the South East and 16% in the South West.**

These rises mean a prime industrial or logistic unit in London, with a current rateable value (RV) of around £500,000 will find its rates bill rise from £266,000 a year to £399,630 a year, following the revaluation. An owner of a prime property with a current RV of £1million will find a rates bill rise from £532,000 a year to £799,260 a year - a significant hike, particularly for those with a portfolio of properties they are renting  in the sector.

Putting this into perspective, Colliers estimates that Amazon’s biggest distribution centre in Tilbury which currently pays an annual rates bill of around £3.625 million will see its annual bill rise to £4.745 million following the revaluation, based on Colliers assumptions ** - a year on year increase of 30.9%. And that’s just one building in its portfolio.***

These rises are due to the sustained rental growth for industrial and logistical property between the last time the VOA revalued property for business rates in April 2017, when rates were based on market rental levels of 1 April 2015 and the current valuation which will be based on rental levels of 1 April 2021.

Since 2015 demand for warehousing has surged as consumer demand has shifted to online good and services, a trend further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have sought to realign and streamline their supply chains and to buy and develop distribution hubs nearer to consumers. These factors coupled with a constrained supply pipeline has resulted in unprecedented rental growth for industrial and logistics space across the UK. Colliers’ research reveals that rents for prime industrial and logistic properties have increased across England by 29.9% between the Rating Revaluation dates of April 2015 and April 2021, with London witnessing the largest rental increases at 54.3%, although all regions have experienced robust rental growth in the period. (See table below).

With the VOA basing their valuations on 21 April market rental values, prime industrial assets across every region are therefore facing significant increases in their rates valuations come April 2023.

And whilst the prime sector has seen the most prominent growth, as MSCI average industrial and logistics index shows, rents across England and Wales have cumulatively increased by 21.8% over the period, so all industrial stock, not just prime is vulnerable to significant business rates increases from April 2023.

To quote John Webber, Head of Business Rates at Colliers, “As a result of the significant rental growth witnessed across the industrial & logistic sector, Colliers is forecasting an average increase of 18.7% on rates payable from April 2023”. **

He continued, “For those occupying a large number of properties in the sector, such as Amazon or even retailers such as Next or John Lewis, these rises will mount up, particularly for operators who have prime sites in London and the South East and those in the South West. This will have a significant impact on their overheads from 2023 onwards. We are advising our clients to fully understand the likely impact of the 2023 business rates revaluation and to prepare now to avoid any unexpected cost increases.”

Average Rental Growth Industrial and Logistics Sector - Q1 2015 v Q1 2021


Prime Industrial & Logistics Rental Growth Q1 2015 v Q1 2021

MSCI Average Industrial & Logistics Rental Growth Q1 2015 V Q2 2021



39.9 %

South West


19.3 %

South East



East of England



North East


16.4 %

West Midlands


14.9 %

North West


18.5 %

Yorkshire & Humber


18.9 %

East Midlands


12.1 %







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* London business rates estimates include Crossrail supplement

** Assuming a Uniform Business Rates Multiplier of 49.9 p and the government removes upward transition following the 2023 Revaluation.

*** Please note the Port of Tilbury is now a freeport eligible for rates relief but given reliefs are subject to state aid (capped at £325K over 3 years over the whole of a business’ portfolio) Colliers believes reliefs on this property will be negligible.

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