Why Colliers International

Success in today’s market demands attention to every detail. Our teams form the backbone of the entire real estate marketing cycle: from positioning a property on the market to finding suitable tenants, allowing you to achieve your real estate objectives.

Positioning on the market

Much real estate has taken on the status of a commodity. Buildings are so similar that prospective tenants base their decision on price alone. Your real estate must stand out from the competition. You must define and emphasize its unique characteristics.

Never miss a prospective buyer or tenant

In the perfect market, every potential tenant will know about your property. However, actually inspecting that property often proves a step too far. Facilitating this step – known as the ‘transaction filter’ - is one of our specialities. It is not only a question of informing potential users, but of connecting their wishes and requirements to the potential of your property.

Minimize risks
We scrutinize contracts in minute detail. We will, for example, ascertain that all recoverable costs are charged in the correct manner, all rentable space is included, and that the rights and obligations of both lessor and lessee are clearly stated.