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Corporate Solutions: your trusted partner for business locations

“As a company, you do not need real estate, you need a place to do business. You need a location that suits the image of your organization and the culture of your employees and customers. In short, you need a location that can enhance the performance of your business.”

Corporate Solutions is a specialist department that represents only the interests of businesses and real estate users wherever they are in the world. We have only your interests at heart. Always maintaining our impartiality, we will represent you with absolute transparency.

Securing a location for your business is often an important milestone for your organization and represents a significant investment of both time and money. You will need to consider several questions. What do you need to look for when renting or purchasing a building? What is the most strategic location? How can you reduce costs and save energy? How can you introduce new working methods? How does the location fit into your business strategy and real estate portfolio?

We have the international experience to answer your questions. We can create opportunities and we use our knowledge to explain to you the (future) limitations of your business premises. On the basis of our analysis, you will then be able to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with your plans or not.

What sets the professionals at Colliers Corporate Solutions apart from the rest is their entrepreneurial spirit, proactive attitude and personal approach. Our outstandingly high level of service also scores us points. This is shown by our track record, client testimonials and customer loyalty which results in long-term relationships.

Corporate Solutions offers four types of service:

• Transaction Management & Strategic Advice
• Project Management & Workplace Equipment
• Portfolio Management
• Research & Benchmarking

Our experts

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