Successful concepts
These challenges require specialist knowledge and approach. Our F&B experts know which concepts in which area have the best chance of success. What the financing options are. How franchise formulas work. With our expertise, we advise retailers about the feasibility of their business case. We find the right location and take care of the contract negotiations.

The right tenant mix
For owners, finding the right Food & Beverage match for their shopping area is crucial. By providing insight in the composition of local population and visitors, we develop the appropriate tenant mix together. This means that the type of catering facilities is tailored to the local consumer spendings.

What can you expect from us?
Our F&B team works in close contact with both national and international collegues in the field of hotels, restaurants & leisure. This is how we discover trends and new concepts to the benefit of our clients. Together with you, we brainstorm about future plans and new strategies. Through our international network you can also realize any crossborder growth plans. Whatever you want to achieve, we provide well-founded advice that can get you started right away. Our team is happy to help you.