Four steps to an inspiring work environment
Together with our workplace innovation team you can realize the desired way of working as well as an efficient and inspiring work environment that highly motivates your employees. Co-creation is key in a successful roll-out.

1. Determine a vision
Together we translate your organization’s goals and challenges into a clear vision on the way of working and work environment. Next we map the needs and ambitions and determine the impact on the physical, digital and mental work environment. In other words: What is the impact on your housing, IT, HR and facilities support and what behavioral change is required of your employees?

2. The workplace concept
The workplace concept describes where, when and how your employees will be working in future. It covers the number and types of spaces, workplaces and supporting facilities. We start by investigating which activities are carried out in the current situation, how they are executed, where and when. This allows us to identify the appropriate requirements to the workplace concept aligning with the company’s goals and ambitions.

3. Workplace design
Our interior designers translate the workplace concept’s functional requirements into a layout and design that reflects your organization, with great attention for shape, color, light and sustainable aspects.

4. Completion of the new work environment
When the design is ready, our project managers get to work. They ensure the best possible execution of the project and communication during the realization of your new work environment.

What can you expect from us?
The transition to a new work environment is an important event. A big change, both for the people and for the organization. This awareness is the basis of our approach. That is why we go through the different stages of the process step by step in co-creation with you and your employees. In this way, everyone plays a part in realizing the new concept and design. 

We feel responsible for the success of the new workplace concept. That is why we make a part of our remuneration directly dependent on the critical success factors agreed upon. For example, the employee satisfaction about the new work environment or their experience with regard to productivity.

Currently we are working on
  • ING: development of the 'Orange Workplace' agile work environment
  • KLM: development of the 'Winning Way of Working' work environment that delivers maximum customer focus.
  • National Police: development of the national accommodation concepts for all police stations, district and regional offices.