Our advice helps you to answer strategic questions. Is your current office future-proof? What is the best way to house your organization? How do you incorporate objectives regarding flexibility, efficiency, mobility and image into your real estate decisions?

Colliers identifies the connection between real estate and your business. We develop a vision on housing that translates your business objectives into real estate requirements.

The right insights
A vision on housing requires the right insight that we obtain through a strategic workshop, an analysis of your business process, a description of the desired way of working and a scan of your current property portfolio. The outcome is structured in an overview leading to a clear housing vision. This is the driver of your future housing decisions.

From housing vision to master plan
In the next phase the vision on housing is converted into a master plan. Short and long term actions are planned. This way the organization’s demands and market supply can be matched. For example by optimizing locations, upgrading the work environment or reviewing existing contracts.

What can you expect from us?
With in-depth analyses and clear overviews we enable you to make the right decision regarding your housing. Our advice helps you to make a fact-based and future-proof choice regarding your real estate. A clear decision model and dashboard shows you the consequences of each choice for your company. This way you realize the best housing solution that helps you achieve your business objectives.