• You will gain insight into the sustainability of your building and where improvements can be achieved.
• Sustainable performance becomes clear and demonstrable. This increases market and user value.
• The health category will also be assessed. That is valuable for your employees and their productivity.
• As a certified quality assurance you can prove your sustainability for RfPs with the certificate.
• BREEAM goes beyond the requirements that are legally imposed on buildings. In this way, you are prepared for the future.

Most important quality marks
The certification is consists of nine different sustainability categories. These lead to a total score that is expressed in 1 to 5 stars. The most important two labels are:
BREEAM-NL new construction & renovation
For new construction projects, expansion plans or large-scale renovations
For existing buildings in three parts: Asset (building), Building management (management) and Organizational (use)

Are you not a property owner? As a tenant you can also use this trademark to certify the use of your accommodation.

What can you expect from us?
Our BREEAM experts start by analysing your situation. Why do you want to certify? What is your ambition? How many stars do you want to achieve? Is that possible in the current situation? Together with you, we determine where and how the most certification points can be achieved at the lowest cost. In a new construction, we also assess whether the design meets the assessment criteria. We then draw up an action plan for the necessary adjustments. For the technical aspects we have an extensive network of partners. The process is concluded with the actual certification by an independent assessor.
Do you want to apply for certification? Or do you have any questions? Our BREEAM experts will be happy to give you more information.