Your challenges 
Valuable insights with unique data
We are market leader in benchmarking of real estate, work environments and facility costs and have compiled the most extensive database in Europe. This database contains data of 3,650 buildings, more than 33 million square meters and more than 1.7 million FTEs. 

We introduced the “hidden vacancy index” and the European Occupier Cost Index®. This unique data gives you clear insights into the costs, the use and the effectiveness of housing and work environments. And will allow you to make fact-based decisions regarding your strategy.

Global trends
Naturally we continuously research global trends and developments in the office market and work environments. We are at the forefront of innovation and regularly publish about them. For example, Colliers introduced the Quantified Workplace. The work environment in which wearables are used to gain insight into the optimal balance between well-being, productivity, stress and health at an individual level as well as an organizational level.

Return on Investment
The data and insights ensures substantiated advice and solutions that are not only relevant today, but remain so in the long run. The Return On Investment is calculated via a thorough evaluation. Not only do we feel responsible for the success of your organization, you can also hold us accountable for the result. That is why we make a part of our remuneration directly dependent on critical success factors agreed upon with you. For example the savings on housing costs, employee satisfaction about the new work environment or their experience with regard to productivity.