Customer loyalty
Marketing & Communication takes care of the marketing and communication activities of a range of shopping areas in the Netherlands. From a well-founded vision on positioning, we establish a long-range plan focused on value appreciation by reinforcing the centre’s image, inspiring customers and winning their loyalty. In doing so, we continually invest in effect measurement for the marketing activities in the various centres.

Comprehensive approach
On the basis of the long-range plan, we implement an annual plan that focuses on three broad areas:
  • Promotional activities which focus on attracting additional visitors and generating stronger loyalty among visitors to the centre. These centre around a number of events throughout the year, with a focused campaign in the period leading up to the event. For each event, a concerted effort is made to maximize active participation among business owners. 
  • Promotional materials designed to boost recognition of the centre’s name and location, and to make consumers aware of the promotional activities. These draw on both traditional communication strategies and new media. 
  • Decor refers not only to the centre’s general appearance, but also to its visibility and its visual identity as a reflection of its desired image.