Automated Valuation Model: Best of man & machine
When we valuate the individual objects in your portfolio, we look beyond the transactions of comparable real estate. We also use the verified valuations of our appraisers over the last years. This results in a unique combination of ‘man & machine’.

The AVM has been tested extensively for over a year and is one of the most accurate models in the market. Our real estate experts evaluate the model on a regular basis for continuous improvement. This ensures you receive the best overview of the vacant possession value, the market value of leased objects and the expected market rent of all objects in your residential portfolio. We provide a value decomposition per property giving you an clear idea of the quality of the valuation. You will see which properties increased or decreased in value, what drives their value and which risks are involved. 

Municipalities can also use the AVM to determine the assessed value.

What can you expect from us? 
By connecting to your strategy we operate as an extension of your organisation based on data and technological innovation. The unique combination of data, and our extensive knowledge and experience in data science and finance, allows you to rely on a high quality solution offering you the necessary insight. With this approach you can implement efficiency and improve the quality of your data in an innovative way. We would be more than happy to discuss the benefits of the AVM or any other data solutions.