Real estate market Eindhoven

Here you can find our first two reports in a serie of five on Eindhoven's real estate market.

Eindhoven hotels on target for one million overnight stays

The strong upward trend in Eindhoven hotel bookings looks set to continue. This year, the landmark figure of one million overnight stays is expected to be reached for the very first time. The growing number of tourists has been the main driving force behind the higher demand for hotel rooms.

New offices needed near Eindhoven station

Eindhoven faces a major challenge: creating high-quality offices in the city center. There is a lack of available, high-quality offices that meet the wishes of tenants.

Helmond and Valkenswaard attractive due to high housing prices Eindhoven

Due to good and active housing policy of Eindhoven’s municipality, housing prices have only increased slightly in recent years in contrast to the other large cities. That has changed now. The increase in the number of households exceeds all forecasts, as a result of which prices have already risen by 13% in one year.


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