Real estate market The Hague

Here you can find the reports in our serie of five describing the latest development of The Hague's real estate market.

Tourism leading to flourishing hotel market

Tourism numbers in The Hague are on the rise and the upward trend is expected to continue. A record of more than one million hotel stays by domestic and foreign tourists is expected this year. Currently, tourists book nearly 60% of the city’s hotel rooms, compared to only 48% five years ago. 

Investing in sustainability and new office buildings essential

Since 2010, more than 700,000 sqm of office space has been converted. As a result, the office vacancy rate dropped to 8.6%, making most of the office market considerably healthier than previously. However, a large part of this supply doesn’t have a good energy rating which makes them less attractive to tenants.

Shortage industrial space endagers city distribution

Over a period of three years, the supply of industrial space in The Hague has fallen by half. By the end of 2018, only 54,000 square meters will still be available. This represents a vacancy rate of 2.5% and a level at which The Hague’s industrial property market can no longer function effectively.

Room for more than 60 F&B concepts

The Hague’s city center has become one of the most attractive shopping areas in the Netherlands. Yet further improvements are possible. Based on the sector benchmark between the five major cities in the Netherlands, it turns out that the Food & Beverage supply is still quite limited.

The Hague: increasingly popular with house hunters

The Netherlands’ court capital and seat of government is becoming a very popular place to live. Amsterdam households even want to pay more for a house than local residents. The significant price difference between the two cities gives Amsterdam’s property owners outbid other buyers by 180 euros per square meter.


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