Real estate market Amsterdam

Here you can find our latest reports on the Amsterdam real estate market

Shortage Amsterdam hotel rooms in sight

The amount of booked overnight stays in Amsterdam rose last year by 12% to 15.6 million. This growth continues, with an annual growth of 6% until 2022. As a result, 21 million overnight stays are expected in that year. A shortage of hotel rooms in the city is rapidly approaching.

Economic growth in danger due to shortage of offices

Amsterdam is likely to suffer negative consequences from the limited supply of available office space. In recent years, many vacant office buildings have been successfully transformed into homes and hotels. As a result, the supply has dropped from 1.2 million square meters to 470,000 square meters in three years. This limited supply is not enough to meet the growing demand for office space from the services sector.

New housing pushing logistics real estate out of city

The logistics market shows parallels with the office market: a shortage of high-quality real estate at the right locations. The available supply has decreased in eight years from 600,000 m² to just over 200,000 m². Of this, 90,000 m² is outdated and the remaining 110,000 m² is insufficient to facilitate the annual demand from companies.

Investments needed in Amsterdam retail district centers

The average retail vacancy rate in Amsterdam has been less than 5% for a long time. However, shopping centers Boven 't IJ, Amsterdamse Poort and Osdorpplein have a rate of 7 to 12%. This vacancy is not caused by an oversupply of shops, but by a wrong retail mix.

Amsterdam housing market more balanced in 2019

In 2017, 3,500 building permits were issued and this is much less than the expected growth in the number of households this year by 6,300. Only in 2019 will there be more balance between supply and demand.


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