Increasingly larger hotels
The number of hotels is also increasing. There are now 76 hotels in the city. And that’s 15 more than in 2010. During this period, 2,232 hotel rooms have been added totaling 5,514. The average size of the hotels has grown considerably: from an average of 54 rooms to 73. This is mainly due to the arrival of more major national and international hotel brands such as nhow, Marriott, citizenM, Ibis Budget Hotel and Holiday Inn.

Another 2,342 rooms
A substantial number of new hotel rooms will be added in the coming years. Up to 2022 at least 2,342 new rooms are planned. Hotel operators fear a repetition of the period 2010 - 2014 with oversupply and declining financial performance. This concern is unfounded. The current hotel projects improve the quality of the hotel offering. International hotel brands reinforce the image of Rotterdam and this creates more interest among tourists, developers and investors. In addition, we expect demand for hotel rooms to continue to grow strongly in the coming years. This means that the city needs more hotels. The planned hotel developments are not a minute too soon and is exactly what Rotterdam needs.