Six new hotels until 2022
Slowly but surely, Eindhoven is gaining ground as a desirable destination for urban tourism, partly due to the increasing number of events in the city, such as GLOW and Dutch Design Week. The demand for hotel rooms has doubled in the last five years, supply has increased by only a quarter. The city now has 27 hotels (+7) offering a grand total of 2,272 (+305) rooms. Even so, the increase in the number of hotels is still failing to keep pace with visitor demand. Between now and 2022, a further six hotels with approximately 765 hotel rooms will boost the city’s tourist sector.

Adapting hotel concepts crucial to success
Ten years ago, it was the business sector that accounted for almost 80% of overnight stays. Times have definitely changed. It is crucial that hotels respond effectively to this development and adapt their branding to this new target group. This breed of traveler expects different things from a hotel, such as service, design and a total experience. As part of that experience, hotels can take inspiration from ideas and concepts that promote Eindhoven as the City of Light, with technology & innovation and Dutch design leading the way.