Airbnb is growing faster than hotels
The Netherlands is popular with tourists from the Netherlands and abroad. The number of hotel bookings in the Netherlands grew significantly faster than the average in the rest of Europe: 9% versus 5%. In Amsterdam the plus was higher with 12% (15.6 million overnight stays). The growth of Airbnb in Amsterdam, however, was even higher at 25% last year. As a result, the market share increased further to almost 12%. A similar picture can be seen in the other cities with growing market share of Airbnb as a result. For example, 1 in 5 overnight stays are booked in Utrecht via the platform.

420,000 overnight stays
Amsterdam saw the number of Airbnb overnight stays rise by 420,000 to 2.1 million. In comparison, 2.2 million overnight stays were booked in Berlin last year and 6.7 million in London. Airbnb overnight stays remain concentrated in the same neighborhoods. “Oud-West / De Baarsjes” is now the most popular destination in the city, taking over the first spot of the current number two, “Centrum West”.

The number of accommodations that were actively let out in Amsterdam rose by 7.5% in 2017 to almost 28,000. More than 38% of this was in the hands of hosts with multiple accommodations. This is an indication that a part is offered by professional parties. Despite the newly introduced regulations, there is no indication that the number of available accommodations is decreasing.

Explosive growth in Utrecht
It is striking that the largest Airbnb growth was in the city of Utrecht. Here, the number of booked overnight stays increased by 97% to 156,000. The city center is the most popular neighborhood for tourists to stay in. Almost a quarter of the overnight stays were booked here. The average price for a night was 75 euros, an increase of 6%. The number of accommodations that were successfully rented increased by 32% to 2,180. Of this, more than 33% was let by hosts with multiple accommodations.