The report analyses Airbnb activity in Amsterdam and considers how the accommodation rental website is performing across the city.
“The popularity of Amsterdam as a travel destination continues to grow, with overnight stays and visitation numbers in the city on the up.” according to Dirk Bakker, Head of EMEA Hotels for Colliers International. “Airbnb has been regarded as a ‘disrupter’ in the hotel industry for a number of years now and is said to have a major impact on the performance of traditional hotels, but until now there has been no publically available data to support these claims.”
The report shows that in total, Airbnb recorded 736,000 overnight stays in Amsterdam throughout 2015 and has seen the Average Daily Rate (ADR) rise to €143 per night, compared to €147 for hotels in Amsterdam. Whilst Airbnb’s revenue has risen to €105 million per annum compared to €1.13 billion per annum for hotels. A snapshot of January 2016 indicated that demand for Airbnb Amsterdam is showing staggering growth rates, with an increase of almost 475% in overnight stays year-over-year.
Dirk continues: “The hotels sector is strong in Amsterdam, yet there’s no doubt that the continued growth of Airbnb presents a threat. An interesting finding of the report is Airbnb’s ability to perform even in the notoriously slow ‘off season’. Our research showed that demand steadily increased throughout the year, and although we see a much faster increase in the summer months, this demand continues to increase outside of peak season. This demonstrates that Airbnb does not seem to be impacted by seasonality in the market place, which gives it a distinct advantage as this is not something that we are seeing as much in the hotels sector.”
Jeroen Oskam, Director of Research at Hotelschool The Hague, emphasizes the urgency of this type of research. “Airbnb has a strong marketed image of a hipster company promoting the sharing economy. But so far the discussion has been based on opinions and snippets of information. If a single multinational company achieves a 10% market share of international visitors to Amsterdam, the city, its residents and businesses need a clear understanding of the actual numbers.”
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