The vacant unit (162 m²), which was formerly leased by the bankrupt Foto Klein on the Stadhuispassage 11, is leased to Boekenvoordeel B.V. This party used to hire the Stadhuispassage 1 (224 m2) which was subsequently split into two units after the departure of Boekenvoordeel. These two units were leased to Yes Kapsalons (107 m2) and Kippie B.V. (117 m2). In addition, the unit at Stadhuispassage 8 (115 m²) which was leased by fashion formula Gelco, is now leased to the locally well-known fashion formula Chique en Stoer B.V. In addition there is an agreement to extend the leases with the two current tenants Sports 2000 (285 m2) and Bakker van der Breggen (113 m2). In all cases a new rental period of 5 years is closed. Sport 2000 signed a new contract for 10 years. As for Stadhuispassage Spijkenisse no vacancy is availabe anymore after these transactions.
Just outside the Stadhuispassage Colliers International REMS Retail BV has leased a unit of 281 m2 at the Uitstraat 105, formerly leased by Miss Etam, per August 1st to Only Stores Holland B.V. on behalf of the CBRE Dutch Retail Fund 1 August.