The retail market is mainly concerned about the impact of the loss of V&D, which includes the negative impact on the attractiveness of the shopping areas where V&D was located. As an effect this will lead to different relationships between shopping areas and within the centers themselves. This is a reason for Colliers to dive deeper into the consequences for the market as a whole, and the prospects of individual buildings.

The retail market is highly characterized by its dynamism and entrepreneurship, and where innovation and adaptation are the answers for every entrepreneur who wants to remain distinctive. V&D made several attempts to renew itself, but did not manage to regain the leadership it once had.

The loss of V&D is unfortunate, but also offers new opportunities. It is in the hands of the property owners to reposition and prepare the properties for a new future. The potential of the individual properties varies greatly due to a high degree of diversity, and as a result there is a great variety in solutions for the buildings.

In pursuit to find an attractive interpretation to the buildings it is important to remember some key scenarios. Colliers International Research presents these scenarios that describe to best ways to fight vacancy of the V&D buildings. Furthermore the preferred scenario(s) for each property will be highlighted. 

The Colliers research report on the V&D bankruptcy and its consequences for the Dutch retail landscape can be downloaded here.