The hotel is located on the central railway station in the city of Louvain. It has several meeting facilities, a restaurant and a large underground car parking. The hotel is the last part of a 74,000 sq m development in the center of the city that started in 2009. The multi-use development compromises offices, student houses and three apartment towers.
Dirk Bakker, Head of EMEA Hotels Colliers said: “After the merger with AOS in Belgium we have increased our focus on Belgium and we are expanding our activities there largely due to the local support we now have. This result shows we are successful”.
Joost Mees, Director Benelux Hotels added: “We have been active in Belgium for many years, however mainly on advisory work. This transaction shows that we now have a full service package to offer to our clients”.
CIP N.V. was further assisted by Laga Lawyers. Foncières des Murs was assisted by Loyens Loeff, EY and BOAG.