MediaMonks has been renting space in this building since 1 March 2008. This new lease significantly increases the amount of floor space being rented. Thanks to the strong growth in its digital products business, MediaMonks has a continuing need for expansion. The new lease meets this current need. Alongside its headquarters in Hilversum, MediaMonks has offices in London, Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Dubai. The agency works for and with advertising agencies and develops high-end digital work for big brands.
Agreement has also been reached that the energy performance and comfort levels of the office complex will receive full attention. Unica Ecopower and Unica Hoevelaken Technisch Beheer are drawing up an action plan for optimising energy consumption, heating and air conditioning in the building. The current installations will be updated and improved as part of the process of increasing the sustainability of the building. In addition, various options for reducing energy consumption will be developed, including the installation of solar panels and optimisation of the lighting plan. The owner will also include the building’s retail premises and parking garage in the sustainability process.
In the process leading up to signing the lease the lessor was assisted by Colliers International Real Estate Management Services B.V. and the lessee by Solved.