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Take Advantage of our Research Services

Our profound research and consulting services provide a substantial basis for demanding real estate solutions. We can draw on years of conclusive data by collecting information and analysing concluded agreements, which have been made known to us in addition to project and market information.

Supplementary tools such as a geographical information system, location and property ratings, as well as, benchmark tools are implemented and offer you a strong advantage alongside a custom-made assessment.

Research Services

  • Location and Market Analysis
  • Potential and Feasibility Analysis
  • Rent Price Assessments
  • Sale and Purchase Consultation
  • Benchmarking Tools
  • Travel Time Analysis

Geographical Information System (GIS)


With our Geographical Information System we can provide you with products ranging from basic overview, area or site maps to sophisticated 3D-renderings and animations with almost unlimited possibilities of visualization. We can conduct an objective analysis of the micro- and macro-environment of target sites including surrounding points-of-interest and pedestrian frequencies. We also can calculate walking or driving zones and specific routes to show the distance or time needed to key point areas in the vicinity. To support market or site evaluation we can conduct complex multi-criteria analysis as well as calculate heatmaps to reveal hot-spots or interpolate existing data. For all our analysis we have access to extensive and high quality demographic, economic and real estate market data.


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