The feat included a gruelling combination of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a full marathon, which the persistent pair completed in 12 hours 5 minutes and 13 hours 57 minutes respectively.  Together the duo covered a distance almost 300 miles between them in aid of Scope, which helps disabled people and their families throughout the UK.

Coombs’ determination and punishing training regime earned him a finishing position in the top 20 per cent in his age category.  He said, “The build-up in Bolton was immense which did nothing for my fraying nerves, but the crowed en-route were fantastic and when at about 200m from the finish, an army cadet volunteer yelled, "you’re almost an ironman", it really hit me.”

Since the start of the year in training, Coombs cycled the equivalent of Bristol to Athens (2,060 miles), climbed 3.2 times the height of Everest on the bike (93,700 ft), ran from Bristol to Aberdeen (495 miles) and swum across the channel over 3.25 times (78 miles). 

Pentecost, said, “I was utterly terrified to undergo such a colossal challenge, having never attempted a marathon before let alone embarking on one at the end of nine hours continuous exercise. Despite an emotionally challenging puncture at mile 96 on the bike, the event went really well and sneaking in under my target time of 14 hours was a fantastic bonus.” 

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