Owner and Investor Services Citry Office UK

Colliers International offers a full range of commercial real estate services to owners, landlords and investors. 

Brokerage Services

We work to understand your short- and long-term objectives for ownership and develop a leasing strategy to achieve the maximum return on investment—bringing together the right tenant mix with the right terms, while minimizing exposure and vacancies

Valuation Services

Never in the history of real estate has valuation taken a more pivotal role than in today's business climate. A true and defensible assessment of property value can mean the difference between reaching a critical goal - securing a loan, closing a sale, choosing the best asset - or failing to achieve it altogether.

Market Research and Advisory Services

From data collection to market analysis to complex data mapping, we provide you with the intelligence and foresight needed to make critical decisions. Our extensive database of property information supports experts who can help you take advantage of changing market conditions.

Investment Sales Services

Our elite team of investment sales specialists see beyond the bricks and mortar to analyse how property acquisition, ownership and disposition can accelerate the success of your financial portfolio.

Auction Services

Colliers International auctions property on behalf of both owners and banks, conducting both voluntary and foreclosure sales.

Property Management

Our Property Management Services team takes the time to understand your market dynamics, ownership goals and short-term or long-term strategy for your property. Your needs, objectives and service preferences determine the customized service package Colliers will build for your specific property or portfolio.

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