Colliers International provides brokerage services to tenants, vendors, buyers and landlords of commercial premises. We are trained and experienced in running highly complex real estate operations in order to meet our clients’ needs. We guarantee full transparency of our service terms to our customers.

Leases are often landmarks in the lifetime of a business, marking a significant investment of time and resources in your building’s physical space, which will have an impact on your business long-term. So we don’t approach these landmarks simply as transactions; we see them as opportunities to our client’s overall business goals.


A lease is often the second-greatest expenditure for a business after payroll, so it must be more than a cost center—we strive to make your real estate a competitive advantage.

We believe your lease can support business success so our brokerage team is eager to:

  • Guide you through the selection process
  • Provide in-depth market analysis to ensure the best possible choice is done
  • Identify potential mistakes to keep your relocation or renewal process on target with minimal disruption to your business and productivity