Facilities Management best practices that bring you home

Picking up from where I left my earlier post, Facilities management shining spotlessly on the industry ramp, where I said I will be back talking at length on what global practices can be adopted to make India facilities managements arm future-ready…….

In many ways, Indian FM industry has its own best practices comparable to global standards, yet there is a mad rush to ape and replicate the western best practices! Agreed, the approach and methodology western countries adopt for facilities management is far mature and much ahead in the curve, however the business and the work environment is what first needs to be evaluated and benchmarked before deciding on embarking on any of the western best practices!


As the first step, one needs to map the local environment and practices with the global standards, bringing in awareness of the local differences while also highlighting the most effective and adaptive practices prevailing locally, thus putting in perspective the strategy for ‘Glocalisation’!

Visualise your horizon before you begin

Facilities Management is all about maximising asset values and enhancing people productivity. Hence it is important to establish the objectives and excellence one would want to achieve within the working environment, keeping well in mind the compliance framework.

Collaborate to strike it right

Genuinely speaking, an organisation should not rush to take up technology as the only solution until they have the right size and growth story, to take on the investment cost that comes along with embracing technology. Having said that, the constant endeavour should also be to shift focus and move away from the conventional practice of containing the people (workforce) in a more collaborative and comprehensive practice, wherein technology will come in and serve as a governance to ensure and strike the right balance between quality, speed and cost. This will further help in achieving higher customer satisfaction. And in a competitive business environment like India, once this balance is achieved, service excellence is only a natural progression!

Smiles are created one step at a time

The last thing to state here is Facilities Management so far has been all about perception! How well one has performed, is driven by the relationship quotient and the perception created around all the business aspects and the ongoing developments, until one fine day, there is a rude awakening, and everyone then scrambles to seek evidences for those best practices followed thus far! And hence it has become very critical in Indian context, to take on a process driven approach than be people-centric, attaching lesser emotions and sentiments to the operator (key resources) driving those loosely laid out processes! 

And for this to happen, a diligent Change Management is very critical. I will talk about it in my next post.


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