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The London Regeneration: care for a share of the pie?

By Mona Jalota. When a world city like London embraces regeneration, it brings forth a world of immense real estate investment opportunities, making an already popular market more desirable. One of the biggest success stories of regeneration is East London.

Next Generation Facilities Management trends and challenges

By GS Tyagi. Facilities management is moving away from a typical manpower management to a matured and specialised industry. Evolving trends, growing expectations and uninvited yet growing epidemic related challenges are throwing an opportunity towards the FM industry to evolve along. Here's how.

The yin & yang of demonetisation in real estate

By Somendra Sarwal. Demonetisation of currency has become talk of the town. Not just two, but multiple schools of thoughts have emerged, both in favour and against, with few fence sitters too. Let’s dig in!

The road to diligent change management

By Rajesh Shetty. In today’s business environment, change is both imperative and yet a reason for resistance, as it brings along uncertainty and insecurity. Let’s look at some key aspects while going through any change management which can help overcome the resistance.

Technology transforming real estate marketing

By Divya Grover. Technology penetration is slowly increasing and shaping up the Indian real estate sector as real estate companies are trying to integrate technology to reduce the gap between buyers and sellers. How do we measure against the global scenario?

Sailing through..

By Jaswant Singh. Whether you choose to spend almost all of your working years with the Navy, or transition into experiencing the civilian world any earlier, the treasures you pick up here will always stay with you. Here are the reasons I feel my 19 years of serving the Indian Navy prepared me to be a Facilities Manager later.

Branded Homes: The India Trip

By Sumit Jain. Here’s investigating where and how Branded Residences have been able to sell 25-30% over the average un-branded counterparts. Do they mean to build on trust in the times of extreme credibility uncertainty?

The Australia Leap

By Mona Jalota. While Indian nationals have traditionally favoured Britain, Dubai and US as offshore investment destinations, there has been a growing demand for Australian real estate, particularly hotels, serviced apartments and student accommodations. What could be the possible reasons?

Smart Project Management tips for a sustainable environment | Vol. 1

By Praveen Sharma. There is of course no instant recipe for undoing the harm we have been causing to the environment. However, sincere and professional attempts can help minimise pollution considerably. I am happy to throw light on some of the many strongly advocated practices in the construction field from the eyes of a Project Management Consultant (PMC).

3 things startups must consider before agreeing on an office space

By Sahil Sethi. The future of Indian startups has seen a sharp rise in the creation of new startups with a further up expected. However, slow fund raising trends of 2016 and increasing competition all for them to carefully evaluate their CRE strategies. Here’s how to start up right!

Why project management?

By Varun Seth. I recently received a call from the office of The Telegraph, Kolkata asking me why I chose a career in project management. Finding a bullet point answer to this was difficult. And it got me thinking.

How to pick the right location for buying an apartment?

By Avnish Yadav. In India buying a house is an emotional, financial decision and most often than not a life-time decision. Hence it becomes crucial to get it right the first time itself. And that can happen only with good research to get that perfect location. Here are some factors you should consider.

A secret recipe for Office Retail Complexes

By Kunal Jaiswal. The concept of Office Retail Complex has shown some remarkable results in the recent past. So what does one consider while developing/planning ORCs? Are they all the same? What should the developers/planners consider before planning the ORCs?

Brexit does not disturb peace for all others right now, but...!

By Arvind Nandan. A strong tempest hit the world politically and economically two weeks ago. The UK voted, albeit by a wafer-thin margin, to leave the European Union. While Brexit is a mere locus on time-scale, it has two main implications. What’s in store for the real estate industry?

Digging out the ‘real’ from the real estate industry

GUEST POST by Ramesh N of Mahaveer Group. Let’s closely examine the present status of the country’s real estate industry, with a focus on Bengaluru and the factors contributing to the slowdown. Also in discussion is the introduction of the Real Estate Act 2016 and the impact that it is capable of creating.

Facilities Management best practices that bring you home

By Rajesh Shetty. There is a mad rush to ape and replicate the western best practices! Agreed, the western approach and methodology is far mature. However, several things need to be evaluated and benchmarked before deciding on embarking on any of these attractive practices...

The salt pan dilemma of Mumbai

By Arvind Nandan. When the news broke out that the city of Mumbai will lose its salt-pan lands to real estate development, a series of reactions was heard – ranging from disgust to delight to indifference. Unfortunately, neither of these could be said to be completely right or wrong…

It’s raining again in Chennai!

By Shaju Thomas. Commercial real estate in Chennai is currently witnessing dwindling supply of quality space. Clearly, it’s time to make hay for landlords/developers. But does it mean that clients/end users will face the brunt in the mid to long term and be at the mercy of the owners? Let’s find out.

Colliers rings the Nasdaq closing bell

Colliers International Group Inc. has generated great momentum during our first year as a stand-alone public company. To commemorate this important milestone, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jay S. Hennick represented Colliers in ringing the closing Nasdaq bell on Wall Street on May 31.

Are studio apartments taking over the 2 BHK formats?

By Aakanksha Anand. The studio spurt began a few years ago and gaining momentum since then. As people are shedding their inhibitions and graduating in thought, they are embracing the concept more readily. The studios are taking over the 2 BHK formats for reasons more than one. Who gets to benefit?

Buying the London abode

By Mona Jalota. Almost every Indian’s first choice of a second home is in London. More so today, with ample political and economic conditions adding to the emotional connect of many decades. Here’s answering some of the ‘whats’, ‘whys’ and ‘whens’. Bottom line is ‘Go London’!

Online retail to fuel growth in warehousing

By Ravi Vadhavkar. India’s Internet and smartphone penetration is fuelling the e-tail industry which in turn shall drive the logistics and warehousing industry which is in a nascent stage in India! Looks like there’s no stopping from here.

Indian Real Estate-a game of ‘perceptions’

By Somendra Sarwal. A sector which has long been fed on a diet of ‘short term and dearer’ funds, ever reducing capacity to execute and deliver, non-compliance of end use of funds and lack of corporate governance – all of which lends credence to its ‘Bad Boy’ perception. Is there no going back? Or is there hope for a game changer?

Urban Scape Management for Metro Business Districts

By Saurabh Singh. In my earlier post, I suggested a public-private partnership model for the business districts. While we discussed effective traffic management in business districts in my last post, here are some suggestions for Urban Scape Management in this post.

I like to move it move it!

By Saacketh Chawla. Every day, each one of us has the opportunity, and the responsibility, to “move it”. Choose what you want to move – something urgent, something important, an inspection, a review, a proposal, a report, a lease agreement, a concrete pour, a term sheet, a colleague…

Buying property abroad? Here are some handholding tips!

By Mona Jalota. Picking up from my last post acknowledging the rising trend of outbound investments and its key drivers, I am happy to discuss the key things to be kept in mind while making such investments - tips and RBI regulations.

The era of office-retail complexes: a tale of three cities

By Kunal Jaiswal, Nishith Agarwal and Chintan Mithaiwala. The Office-Retail Comlexes (ORCs) buzz is sure to have hit us by now. Is this a one-size-fit-all prototype for all major cities? Catch three of our market experts evaluating this concept through the lens of their respective cities.


The reality of realty prices in India

By Prithijit Chaudhury. The Indian real estate industry is facing a terrible slowdown, with sales down drastically and the inventory of unsold flats piling up but strangely prices just never seem to crash! Why is that? Why do developers have little incentive to reduce prices to improve sales?


Up, up and away!

By Vinay Rangani. 2016 has been a celebration for real estate – January saw the FDI changes from late last year, February brought the good budget news of no DDT to REITs for one, and so far the first few days of March have seen the Real Estate Bill finally getting passed. 


Decongesting Bengaluru's prime business hubs

By Divya Grover. Amidst the ongoing clamour about the inability of India’s IT capital to resolve its infrastructure woes, comes a new development which may impact Bengaluru’s commercial property market in 2016. What can make ‘Brand Bengaluru’ perfectly appealing for new corporate entrants?  

Looking to invest? Where does the market compass point?

By Sahil Sethi. Residential real estate has always enjoyed being an attractive investment for years. However, over the last few quarters, the rise has abated, even reversed in some areas. Why? And does this mean residential real estate is suddenly not a good investment option? Then what is?

Budget 2016 from the real estate angle

By Surabhi Arora. For those who missed something from the budget broadcast, here’s a list of the 10 major, cannot-be-ignored announcements of 2016 for real estate and their implications on Indian real estate.

To all the woman brokers of India!

By Mona Jalota. Know it from the woman brokers of Colliers India what makes them, breaks them and still keeps them strong. Here’s a candid walkthrough of their journey as a woman broker which only sees brighter horizons ahead.

Small steps, if not a stride in the right direction

By Suresh Castellino. While the Budget 2016 will have an impact on the real estate sector, the effect may be limited. Whether it will create the booster required for this industry or not remains to be seen. Here’s an insight into how the Budget will meet the peoples’ expectations on a couple of issues.

Forget the vitamins we need steroids for the real estate industry

By Joe Verghese. When rest of the world is bracing itself for a potential repeat of the 2008 financial crisis, trying to fix one industry’s woes would be like prescribing vitamins, when what we need are stronger doses of vaccines. Does being one of the biggest employment generators of the country give the real estate industry the priority it deserves?

Sustainable Project Management - the underlying truth

By Mohit Kanwar. Sustainability finds an undeniable significance in Project Management. But what does sustainability truly mean? Is it just what it looks to be? Or does it actually start where it seems to finish?

What do home buyers wish this budget?

By Surabhi Arora. Buying that perfect home is an enduring dream of every individual. The sky rocketing property rates, however, only see shattering hopes. What are the home shoppers eagerly waiting for in the soon-to-be announced budget?

'Odd' one out?

By Nitasha Jain. While phase 1 of the odd-even car formula in Delhi brought in mixed opinions and undoubtedly many frustrated commuters, it did bring in many positive changes too. Are we up for it again?

5 office market trends to watch out for in 2016

By Sachin Sharma. 2015 seemed to have set the tone right for Indian real estate with favourable Government policies shaping up. Several positive economic factors also seem to be working well for the sector. What’s on the cards for office market in 2016?

Sweeter 2016

By Vaibhav Mahurkar. 2015 saw India as a relatively calmer but steadily active investment destination. With the foundation of the real estate industry well laid out now, 2016 is very ready for take-off. The trigger awaits a pull.

The making of a ‘Smart City’ – look beyond the obvious.

By Nitasha Jain. ‘Smart City’ revolution is a leap towards a sustainable future that accommodates soaring urban influx and drives economic growth. With policies in place, the ball seems to have hit the track well. Or are we knowingly overlooking a hole ahead?

How sustainable are the projects of today?

By Mohit Kanwar. We have been concerned for the environment for many decades now. Our projects are our vehicles to give back to the environment while aiming for our own commercial gains. But how much do we realise that sustainability is no longer an obligation to the environment, but a business reality.

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