What to look for in your facility manager

Facilities Management is a diverse field that comes packed with a lot of professional, interpersonal and emotional demands apart from the essentials like operational skills and sound knowledge base. Speaking of a good facility manager, we would be looking at a leader more than a manager. A good facility manager has some intrinsic qualities.

Good communication skills

To be able to communicate equally well with all chains of authority and in all situations defines a part of a good facility manager. Facilities could be complex; teams to be handled may be large or quality standards to be adhered to could pose to be a challenge, but a facility manager who leads by example would overcome these hurdles simply with his soft skills.  

Persistence to sustain

This man will always outshine. His love for what he does and where he works will show in how the facility’s life and quality is preserved. Passion percolates through the hierarchy. A good facility manager will always lead a pack of passionate facility caretakers whose goal is the building’s increasing efficiency.

Be firm enough to change

Planning, scheduling and adhering is the way to be in facility management, but it is equally important to leave scope for a change in course when required. Contingencies are a part and parcel of facilities management and a good facility manager would keep cool and deal with the situation, even if that calls for bending rules once in a while.

People’s person

Facilities management is all about buildings populated by people being managed by people. Hence, it is inevitable that the facility manager is as good with people, as he is with tools. An ideal one would not just be his own team’s hero but will also be able to manage the tenants of the facility well.


About the author 

Chunilal Chatterjee, General Manager, Facilities Management, having 19 years of experience, out of which 12 years has been in the facility management service industry catering to MNCs.  Bengal Greenfield Housing Development Company Ltd, Johnson & Johnson, Holiday Inn Group,  IBM, NBCC and Sony India are only some of the names from his elaborate clientele.



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