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Bengaluru - The Silicon Valley of India

By Goutam Chakraborty. Bengaluru is said to account for a significant part of cutting-edge work in IT in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Will BFSI companies consider co-working spaces?

By Animesh Tripathi. Co-working is a sizzling trend these days across the major Indian cities. There has been a lot of speculation around the success/ business model of co-working players and the kind of commercial occupiers they may attract. 

Optimizing cost through predictive maintenance

By Jaswant Singh. Unexpected downtime is detrimental for any organization as the impact is wide-ranging and difficult to measure, irrespective of the building whether commercial or residential. 

Quiet revolution of FM in India

By Jaswant Singh. Today, many organizations continue to opt for in-house services and are yet to shift to a sophisticated services management company. The technical aspect, mainly, referred as hard services is mostly outsourced leaving the soft services to be undertaken by the in-house staff. 

Challenges in achieving Housing for All by 2022

By Saikat De. The government’s focus on achieving its goal of ‘Housing for All by 2022’, imparting infrastructure status, etc. have given the much-needed boost to the real estate sector.

Integrated demand for outsourcing & FM Integration

By GS Tyagi. The facilities management outsourcing market is not just expanding, but it is evolving, with growing public and private-sector demand for FM solutions that are both global and integrated.

Negotiation strategies in real estate transactions

By Arpit Mehrotra. The core of any business transaction is the negotiation dialogue, which defines the deal structure. Most of the negotiation strategies seem to be a general conversation, however, in the emotion of the moment people ignore their basic instincts. 

Importance of workplace health & safety

By Samir Dey. Every workplace or activity has numerous type of safety challenges. Although the office space is safe as compared to other working areas, utmost care should be taken to eliminate all hazards predominant to office space.

Real estate trends expected to emerge in 2019

By Mohit Agarwal. The real estate market will be in caution mode at the beginning of 2019. Lack of credit offtake due to NBFC crisis and the mood for the upcoming elections has slowed down the realty sector. 

Valuation Regulation – A game Changer

By Amit Chawla. Valuation is considered as one of the most critical areas in finance as it plays a crucial role in many areas of finance such as buy/sell, solvency, and M&As. 

Impact of AI on real estate

By Keshav Dalmia. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been pioneered in various industries earlier and the real estate industry is not far away from reaping the benefits of this as well.

Future of facilities management

By Parvez Kazi. The world of facilities management (FM) is changing and the enabling processes are making the much-needed difference. The demographic and social changes are not only influencing, but contributing to the shift at the workplace and end-users expectations.

Evolution of the modern workplace

By Bharat Tagra. The millennial generation, in the age group of 18 to 35 have started dominating today’s workforce like never before. As technological developments propel the workforce forward, there has been a paradigm shift in the work culture. 

Cost optimization in facility management

By Jaswant Singh. Facility management is the effective delivery of non-core management services that play an elementary role in supporting core business activities.

Coworking: Evolving as a community

By Shubho Routh. Co-working is a new trend that is going viral. This phenomenon is not only restricted to the millennial's but among conventional occupiers as well.

Budget 2019: A boon for real estate sector

By Suresh Castellino. The real estate sector is a major contributor to the Indian economy, supporting innumerable ancillary industries and providing employment to millions directly and indirectly. 

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