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Office Services - Landlord Representation

Colliers Landlord Representation Brokers work to understand the short and long-term objectives of property developers for ownership, leasing and disposition and develop a strategy to achieve the maximum return on investment—bringing together the right tenant mix with the right terms, while minimizing exposure and vacancies.

Our brokers who work on behalf of property owners and landlords do more than searching and signing up tenants and occupier purchasers. They create the strategic backbone of a property marketing cycle that positions the property in the marketplace and secures the right tenants/purchasers, building value to support the landlord/developer’s ownership goals.

Our representing brokers cover the following important factors to maximize value for your investments:

a) SWOT Analysis – A SWOT analysis is conducted for the property to analyze its right positioning and tenant mix in the market in order to develop a strategy to maximize its strengths and minimize weaknesses.

b) Rental Analysis of surrounding areas – This helps in determining the rental range and thus enabling the owner/landlord to understand the return on its investments. Many owners do not have a frame of reference, hence this work establishes performance parameters for the representing broker.

c) Competition Analysis - When a representing broker or agent is actively marketing the property, it is important that the landlord know how well they are performing. We demonstrate our accountability by defining a “competitive set,” typically of five to ten buildings in the marketplace with similar amenities, geographic locations and target rental rates. From our first meeting through our regular status reports, we can compare our landlord/developer client’s building’s leasing performance with its most logical competitors to consistently evaluate our strategies and success.

d) Positioning matters. Many commercial buildings have become commodities—too alike, and therefore potential tenants/occupiers make choices based on price. We seek to elevate our client’s building’s stature within its competitive set by defining and cultivating the amenities it offers that are unlike any other.
e) Never miss a prospect. In a perfect marketplace, every potential tenant who is qualified to lease your space would be aware of it. Technology advances bring us closer to this, such that we can give virtually all tenants greater transparency and access to information about available space through our Colliers proprietary systems.

Our representing brokers create a ‘sweet spot for success’ through a process of “transaction filter,” which is the process of moving a prospect from mere awareness to understanding of how the space might suit them, to interacting with the space and finally choosing to lease or purchase it.

Our marketing approach segments potential tenants, focusing first on those likely to pay the highest price and create the least risk. This strategy directs our resources to drive top prospects through the transaction filter, ensuring that they fully understand the building’s benefits and unique attributes.

From property tours to test-fit space planning to lease negotiations, we create a continuous feedback loop that helps us consistently raise the bar in our marketing efforts.

f) Minimize Risk : Your investment strategy is also considered, whether your property is a long-term hold, likely to be renovated, or will be positioned for sale in the next few years. As we understand the big picture of your ownership strategy, we can help craft lease terms and choose tenants that are best suited to support these objectives.

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