Importance of workplace health & safety

Every workplace or activity has numerous type of safety challenges. Although the office space is safe as compared to other working areas, utmost care should be taken to eliminate all hazards predominant to office space. If proper attention is not given to office safety, it may lead to serious consequences.  The following guidelines will help to keep the office space safe:
Physical layout of housekeeping: Excellent housekeeping standard can result in reducing potential injury 
Proper storage space: Storage space should have adequate light, with define boundary or barricade placed very neat and orderly fashion with a proper label for identification. 
Trash material: Identify intended use for a container such as disposal of trash, oil rags, glass, etc.
Work station: Keep books, magazines, catalogs, and papers neatly filed and arranged. Maintain at least 3 feet distance between desks and at least 50 sq ft per employee. Office machines should be kept away from the edges of desks, tables, and window panes.
Office machinery and tools: Misuse of office tools such as pens, pencils, paper, letter openers, scissors, and staplers can cause cuts, punctures and related infections. 
Workplace ergonomics: Proper arrangement of desk and chair should be kept to ensure proper sitting posture. The angle between the eye and monitor should be 10-25 degrees.
Indoor air quality: Air quality should be monitored every 6 months for suspended particles. Environment-friendly pest control chemicals to be used. 
Illumination: Adequate lux level to be maintained in the offices. It is good to use natural light, but avoid glaring. 
Noise: Sources of noise in offices are printer, shredder, telephones, human voice, which should be managed well. Noise at the office can be reduced by having office decorum and improved design by having an acoustic ceiling and floor carpeting. 
Fire hazard: Do not restrict or block access to the fire exit, fire alarm boxes, fire hose cabinets intended for fire prevention. Fire extinguishers, FHC, and alarms should be placed at an easily accessible location. Avoid stacking of stationaries items so that it shouldn’t block the sprinkler and detectors. It is advisable to use fire retardant materials for interiors. 

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