Top micromarkets of Gurugram to watch for in 2019

Over the last 2 decades and more especially over the last 15 years, Gurgaon has witnessed the transformation from being a satellite town of Delhi to a self-sustaining city. If the timeline of development is to be observed in tranches, the first round of development happened during the first decade of the millennium, primarily around the employment hubs, which witnessed very rapid emergence with thriving social infrastructure as well as better physical infrastructure. 

The second-round of development (post-2009) drew significant interest from buyers and investors alike, centered along the key connectivity corridors such as the Golf Course Extension Road (GCER), Southern Peripheral Road (SPR), Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) also known as the Dwarka Expressway (DE). In addition, enabled by the NH8 connectivity, Sectors from 76-95 also known as New Gurgaon caught the attention of the budget conscious buyers.

[1] The nomenclature of the Zones and Road have been kept as they are used in real estate parlance of Gurgaon. Ex- There is no formally nomenclature road as GCER or DE. It has been used for sake of understanding

[2] Suggested prices range is an amalgamation of primary & secondary market prices an captures the entire range of availability of options.

Golf Course Extension Road (GCER)

This is one of the premium micromarkets of Gurgaon with the availability of residential options in both primary and secondary markets. The region has started taking shape with completion of commercial as well as residential projects. As the name suggests, the micromarket is touted as one, that will replicate the profile of the Golf Course Road in 3-5 years. The micromarket has started witnessing occupancy and the profile of the location is expected the emerge at a very rapid pace making it an ideal option for end-users.

New Gurgaon (NG)

New Gurgaon started gaining prominence ever since the delivery of the residential projects that started around 2014-15. The region presents excellent opportunity to own a Gurgaon address at affordable prices. The key driver for the emergence of this location has been its proximity to Manesar, seamless connectivity with key employment hubs of Sohna Road, Cyber City, Sector 30, & Udyog Vihar. The region has been one of the fastest emerging residential hubs of Gurgaon over the last 5 years. The micromarket combines affordability with high-end living offering a wide range of options across diverse range of projects. With upcoming social infrastructure, commercial supply as well as impending removal of the toll plaza, the region is expected to grow at a rapid pace. The micromarket presents affordable options in abundance both in the secondary and primary market and is suited to end-user seeking immediate dwelling options.

Dwarka Expressway (DE) / Northern Peripheral Road (NPR)

The Dwarka Expressway or the Northern Peripheral Road came to the fore and captured significant attention during 2008-2014 with the launch of over 40000 units during the period. However, the sheen of the micromarket and its emergence was lost to the delay on the construction of road, primarily marred by multiple legal hassles around land acquisition. In the recent years, after the declaration of the road as National Highway and significant advancements in land acquisition for road construction, the activity has started picking up. At present, the micromarket has options both in the primary and secondary market. However, the lack of social infrastructure and basic connectivity is an inhibitor to the buyer’s interest.

Southern Peripheral Road (SPR)

The development of this micromarket was marred by the delay in the completion of the road. After the seamless integration of SPR with the Sohna Road and Golf Course Extension Road in 2016, the micromarket has started witnessing activity. Though the options available in the micromarket are limited, the micromarket has all the makings and attributes to replicate the profile of GCER and Sohna Road. This is one market, which is touted to witness significant development activity in terms of project launches and presents an ideal opportunity for buyers or investors with a time horizon of 5-6 years.

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