Game changing solutions in Facilities Management

The facilities management (FM) industry is modernizing and harnessing the technologies that will drive change in 2019. These technologies will not only enhance the quality of FM activities but also ease the maintenance process. The tech revolution in the FM industry will simplify complex operations, reduce cost, improve efficiencies, etc. Some of the technology developments are highlighted below: 

1. Maintenance management system - It helps in tracking, maintaining assets, generate work orders, vendor management, etc.
Help desk management - It assists in recording and managing calls received online, phone, email, and BMS. Assign, distribute and monitor problems reported, record events, follow-ups, raise, and track and close the work orders.

2. Visitor management system - Helps in online requests for appointments, pre-registration of groups/individual visitors, business card scanning for speedy registrations, access control system integration for movement tracking, etc. 

3. Time and Attendance System – The system tracks shift management and roster generation, leaves processing & workflow management, track time-in and time-out of every personnel, overtime calculation and reporting, which is a serious concern as the process involves multiple approvals and delay in this area results directly to fund flow of the FM companies.

In addition, space management, advanced building management systems for predictive maintenance, tenant billing system are innovations, which are game-changing solutions for the FM industry. As the FM industry is now looked by the end-users with a larger screen, they intent to offload all the non-core activities to service providers, thus waste management, energy management companies are now tied up with the FM organization to showcase their contributions and save cost.

Change is inevitable, thus innovation, creativity, an incentive for improvement has to be ensured for better opportunities.

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