Smart buildings: An integrated future of Facilities Management

Though the real estate industry was late to adapt new technologies, innovation is now apparent in how buildings are designed and built. The leaders are making strategic investments to upgrade and turn more closely to smart building trends. The term smart building refers to network-enabled building management systems, that help automate building operations. For conglomerates in facilities management, it’s important to know that locating a smart building can have substantial benefits including reduced costs and time, and increased productivity of facility managers.

Currently, almost all the features of the smart buildings are based on Internet of Things (IoT), wireless sensors and data collection, which is an integral part of smart buildings, and makes building smarter than ever before. Its single interface connects with hundreds of different smart building devices through the cloud. Sensors are placed in a variety of spots for different devices that can feed data about the building including sound, light, temperature, and occupancy of different rooms. This analytics can help facility managers in making smart decisions about resource optimization. 

The smart building comprises of web-enabled features with advanced software that helps in:

1. Controlled and optimized HVAC system such as water flows, pump speeds, and fan speed while maintaining the temperature
2. Managed electricity reduction by keeping electricity consumption within sustainable levels  
3. Maximized building security with the help of network-based systems 
4. Smart sensors for lighting by aligned lighting controls, motorized window shades, sensors, digital ballasts, and LED drivers
5. Controlled appliances from remote locations to track and report temperatures in multiple zones and variables, including humidity, light, temperatures, etc.

In the coming years, artificial intelligence will play a pivotal role in smart buildings that are even more automated and convenient. IoT has created an automated and data-driven environment. IoT combined with AI will go hand in hand as the technology advances, and will accurately inform building managers to prioritize areas for the FM sector.

Having such potential under a single umbrella enables facility managers to bring down the operational costs, saving time, promoting a greater sense of comfort, and ease in operating the assets, thus leading to smarter management.


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