Best practices for saving cost in facilities management

For every organization, facilities management include identifying the opportunities and take appropriate actions that have a deep impact on the bottom line. A facility manager can make a difference by adding value, optimizing day-to-day facilities, and bringing new ideas to the table. Many C-suites are focusing on minimizing the operating costs and paring budgets down to bare bones. Some of the best practices to reduce cost in facilities management (FM) are as below:

Building Design: The facilities team should be involved from the design stage of the building to ensure optimization of the facility services.

Supply Chain Management (SCM): The SCM plays a critical role in the reducing the cost not only in FM activities, but also increases the productivity of the entire team. For instance, availability of ready stock, which is procured at a competitive price does reduces time and mitigates the wastage due to unavailability.

Staff Analysis: Downturn of the resources is another factor for cost reduction, which needs a very clear analysis to optimize the cost and productivity.

Automation: This helps in reduction of manpower depending upon size of the facility, thus improves efficiency.

Maintenance: The three approaches to building maintenance are as follows:

1. Reactive: Fix it when it breaks

2. Preventative: Check and make repairs before it breaks

3. Predictive: Use of technology to forecast when a problem will occur and provide maintenance accordingly

Energy: Particularly, in large buildings, maintenance teams spend a lot of time dealing with the simplest of tasks i.e. changing the light bulbs. One potential solution that may help reduce maintenance and save energy is to install LED lights. While LED lights are more expensive than other lights, the investment should be done for the long-run keeping in mind the advantages such as reduced energy costs, less replacement, and long-term maintenance savings.

The best method of reducing the maintenance costs is to record and monitor over time. This will help in identifying the required budget and take appropriate actions, if necessary. There are number of tools like CMMS, Advanced BMS that are available to minimize the maintenance cost. Advanced BMS is a scanner of the assets, which helps in identifying the shortfalls as a part of the predictive maintenance, thus avoiding the shutdowns, which causes business loss. If the organization tightly monitors the budget and flow of expenses over time, it will be able to identify specific opportunities to save. Reducing the total operating cost is the primary objective of any organization. It can save money in numerous ways related with maintenance activities, especially, designing a preventive and predictive maintenance plan.

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