Office Space Management

Facilities managers are primarily concerned with concerns of managing the employees, facilities portfolio, and inventory management. The employees may need to be placed in adjacent proximity to each other or other teams. The facilities managers are accountable for each square foot of space for usage/productivity, hence, the space within the facilities needs to be used as efficiently as possible, thus avoiding overcrowding or paying more for the space required. The assets across all facilities should be maintained and examined regularly, enough to safeguard the desired uptime and usage. Monitoring all of this, down to the asset level, is perilous to planning adequately for operations while curtailing waste. Following are the key activities that can help facility managers in planning & integration, thus accomplishing cost efficiency for the client:  

Space Management: This is often one of the greatest opportunities for savings within facilities management. Although having sufficient unused space can give flexibility and room for growth, paying for far more space than needed is wasteful.

Agreements for Space and Expenses: Facility agreements and expenses are generally considered as accounting functions, however, they serve essential functions in facilities management. Once an initial spending benchmark has been drawn, the facility manager can allocate budgets and authorize departments to look for prospects for additional savings.

Planning and Management: A proper planning and audit of facility space usage helps the organization to know when the move is required. This will give adequate time to negotiate the best possible deals on new facility. Also, it will make the facility manager ready to relocate and restructure personnel and assets efficiently, whenever required.

Project Administration: Beside the space management, the facility manager should track tasks and associated costs. This helps to determine the best possible use for a given facility and the occupancy rate as it helps in determining the adequate spend on facility management.

Technology: To add further on web-based solutions, use of technology tools for space management and asset management will help error-free work execution and will reduce manpower cost. 

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