Reshaping the future workplace

Innovation is playing a vital role in our workplaces. Technologies that are being used in buildings inside-out are changing how new occupiers are making their space decisions. This accelerated movement in technology has changed the way of working and will bring more flexible power in the way people are using the data to be more productive. As a result, organizations will become more resourceful for a workforce, which will be connected at all times.

The four fundamentals that are reshaping the workplace are:

  1. Real estate and technology amalgamation – The steep upward movement of digital ecosystem ascertain that there is more competitive pressure for the organizations to keep on innovating. Workplaces, the need of the hour, should be the destinations where employees would like to be, all the partners and other associations are required to collaborate to delve on new services, and products and ideas, which allows fostering of value creation
  2. Data-driven real estate – Devices and sensors have become common in workplaces and are essential for organizations and leaders to monitor the performance of the buildings
  3. Service-defined workplace The organizations are advancing towards a future, which is leaner and automation is taking charge. As per the space consumption pattern, the movement is seen more towards fewer strategic locations where the organizations are ready to invest for more quality environment, which allows them to deliver newer services, products, and ideas. Workplaces, which bring the employee experience to the fore, allow flexibility, and have liquid space potions available are shaping the future
  4. Being Connected – Connectivity is playing a major role in terms of speed and flexible communication, which are becoming more dynamic for all the organizations

Experience is a playing a primary differentiator for people, data, and tools to engage within an organization. Technology and connectivity are playing a bigger part of the overall experience. Flexible design in the workplace is playing a major role with today’s workforce as they seek more energy efficient and sustainable place to work.


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