Six factors influencing the future of facilities management in India

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of facility management (FM), where the industry is still going through a learning curve, it is both interesting and challenging to identify the factors, which will have a long-term influence on the industry. The trends that are perceived as important and game-changing today, turns out to be a fad after few months.

Here are some of the factors, which play a key role in determining the direction of the facility management:

  1. Changing definition of Office: In today’s world of mobility and shared workspaces, the traditional office definition is evolving. Today’s FM industry services are largely aligned to the traditional office set-up and needs to re-invent itself to a certain degree as per the new standards
  2. Consolidation in the FM industry: Presently, the FM industry is growing at a very fast pace and there are new players entering the market frequently. This is a good sign as it indicates the overall health of the industry and healthy competition. Over the next few years, there will be some consolidation in the industry and the smaller services providers will get integrated with the larger ones to bring out cost and service efficiencies
  3. Technology: While technology will play a major role in redefining the service industry like FM, it will not be a substitute for the typical FM staff. Technology will only be an enabler for the FM staff to deliver more value to the customers through analytics, tracking, and increasing efficiency in space utilisation
  4. Workforce dynamics: Majority of the FM service staff is in the minimum wage category in India. They are the typical housekeeping staff or technicians with limited skills. With the advent of technology, this workforce will have an opportunity to re-skill themselves and become multi-faceted as per the demands of the industry
  5. Formal Education in the FM sector:  Currently, there are no formal degree courses in facility management in India. Universities and Colleges will recognise the increasing demand of such courses and will introduce them in their curriculum. This will be a very important influencing factor for the growth of the FM industry
  6. Maturity in out-sourcing contracts: As the FM industry matures, there will be an overall increase in the level of out-sourcing and risk-transfer from the clients to their service partners. The level of outsourcing will move from simple manpower contracts to SLA=based or guaranteed price contracts, with the service provider getting more and more integrated within the clients organisational structure

With the level of acceptance increasing and the industry evolving into a larger and more robust behemoth, facilities management is seen as an integral part of the strategic and cultural journey of an organisation.

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