Three ways facility managers can adopt new technologies in the FM industry

Sometimes the pace of change and the complexity of new trends can be overwhelming even for seasoned facility managers. However, it is important for everyone to stay ahead of the curve and adopt these emerging trends to make them an integral part of the service offering to the customers. Here are the three ways facility managers can adopt new technologies in the FM industry:

1. Learning: Whether it is a technology service provider or an end-user, the facility manager must always be ready to learn new technologies and share his feedback on improving further. Learning can be done through participation in various forums and conferences, online networks, social media and structured courses designed, especially for the new age FM.

2. Focus on the end-user: In the FM industry, it is always the end-user driving the change in the technology, and the facility managers need to constantly focus on their end-users to take their feedback on the requirements that are working out for them. One of the most important aspect of emerging technologies is the scalability. Technological solutions can be scaled up or down and end-user has no patience in this aspect. They expect the service providers to be as agile as themselves and be ready for any change in the system.

3. Stay connected and share: It is very important for today’s facility managers to stay connected with their peers and share knowledge and ideas with each other. In this digital age, there is a dire need for facility managers to reinvent the wheel. All the information is readily available and can be obtained by reaching out to one’s own network.

It is apparent that today’s emerging trends in technology will become an integral part of tomorrow’s service offering to the clients. Facility managers and service providers who are at the helm of this change, need to be the driving force behind this change, which is crucial for overall advancement of the industry.

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