Impact of changing workforce on facilities management

Over the years, every organisation provides ample workspace to their employees considering the fact that most of them spend significant amount of time at the workplace. It’s not a surprise that workspaces are typically among the highest investments for an organisation. Presently, many organizations are embracing flexible work environment, thus saving money in terms of space and facilities through workplace management. Additionally, flexibility in the workplace provides the key to greater facilities utilization.

Integrated space management is the management of physical spaces and facilities a business or organization occupies. An organization can draw the workplace strategy as per the employee’s headcount who are using physical office or develop a flexible work culture in a cost-efficient manner. The first step to better facilities space management is to understand the amount of space in use versus the space required.

According to a recent survey, it was found that 28% of the actual employees were using the facilities of the workplace provided by the firm. The findings of the survey helped the firm to save cost, which was incurred in the workplace facilities. These space management programs require coordination across multiple departments, but results of such programs well worth the effort made in terms of efficient workplace utilization, reduce energy cost and improve productivity of the employees. The ergonomics of offices, work stations for better space utilization is also being taken under consideration by organizations to increase the ratio of the cost incurred upon versus the profit being generated by its workforce.

In a cutthroat competition, where organizations are thriving to increase their profits, a part of it can also be seen as reducing the operational expenditure as the money you save is the money you earn. Experiencing the huge potential in saving the cost, organizations have come up with different working options like co-working, virtual spaces, online work, and flexible working hours, and in turn helping them to minimize the cost of physical space, facilities, and assets.

Integrated workplace management solutions can enable greater control over facilities data, systems, people and processes, which in turn can reduce cost and risk. These capabilities are crucial in order to adapt—and thrive—in the workplace of tomorrow.


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