5 strategies to enhance the service excellence in facilities management

With the facilities management (FM) industry witnessing rapid growth, it is even more challenging with continuous improvements to drive the function at optimum level while achieving highest service levels. The following are some of the ways to improve FM performance across projects:

Identify and develop talent

An engaged workforce is a powerful one. Motivation is easier to instill, efficiencies are easier to gain, and one can reduce many of the issues that are plaguing FM organisations, such as absenteeism, attrition, etc. The selection of the resources is very eminent as it depends on the workforce to establish the quality and improve on the efficiency, especially the leader who leads and guides the team in achieving the quality or the target.

Plan your work and work your plan

All FM services includes many steps leading to the delivery of a pre-defined set of contract criteria. The focus should be on managing each step individually in order to identify multiple small efficiency savings, considering automation of processes is a better way to improve operating efficiency.

Identify the problem

A customised facility management plan can suit buildings of all types and sizes including effective operating process. Preventive and predictive maintenance always enhances the quality and also the life of the assets in a building, thus contributing to savings. Therefore, the organisation should develop a proactive FM plan that can reduce risks for the property and the users.

Build relationship through professionalism

It is important to build relationship with team and the client. One should never forget to appreciate the good things, update them on the developments of the organisation. All these activities creates a personal touch so that the team can perform better. One should also understand client’s expectations and update him of the situations and actions planned for the day to meet his requirement. The FM team should also seek continuous feedback from all stakeholders for self-improvement and course correction, thus aligning themselves with client expectations at all times.

Going beyond

Value add is one of the criteria that any client appreciates. Savings is one of the major value addition along with taking ownership to improve the system and processes in order to keep the property/ facility in a good condition should be the focus of the service provider. Innovation and ideation is must for the team to improve the functioning on day-to-day basis, thus enhancing the relationship through trust which the service provider exhibits. Additionally, knowledge on the day-to-day developments and other aspects is a way to facilitate better FM services to the client.

The FM service provider should follow the above-mentioned factors in order to excel in day-to-day operations, efficient cost management and value creation.

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