5 ways to achieve operational excellence in Facilities Management

With the ever-growing competition, FM industry is moving up the value chain of services and working hard to become more efficient and achieve business goals. Apart from the fiercely competitive market, there are many challenges faced by the FM service providers including high attrition, escalations, demanding occupants, delay in approvals, collections, scarcity of skilled workforce, increasing wages, etc.

FM service providers are under tremendous pressure to improve their market share while focusing on important factors such as quality and value creation. Quality is directly linked with investments that are incurred on manpower and technology, which most of the organisations invests initially to build capability and win businesses. However, additional investments with increase in business volume becomes unviable due to shrinking margins and aging debtors. The operational excellence can be achieved by continuous investment in people and technology, as all the above challenges are unavoidable and are a part of the FM business.

The 5 most effective ways that can win over barriers in Facilities management include:

  1. Effective Leadership: Leaders at all levels need to lead from the front and contribute to achieve the goal instead of delegating the tasks to subordinates and expecting better results.
  2. Organisational Efficiency: Appreciation helps in developing people, boost loyalty, and in turn employees get more connected with the organisation. In a bid to boost morale, small initiatives must be recognized and appreciated to encourage people to come forward without having a fear of being criticised. At the same time, employees should not feel relaxed and complacent but keep adding standards & extras for continuous improvement in services.
  3. Best Practices: Healthy competition and sharing of best practices among the teams inspire improvement in the service quality. This adds to the interest level, dedication, knowledge enhancement that further helps the organisation to identify key development areas.
  4. Process and Procedures: Stringent processes, strong documentation, constant monitoring, use of technology to bring transparency and regular audits are vital to understand and bridge gaps between commitment and service delivery.
  5. Client Feedback: Continuous feedback through joint reviews and engagement with clients is paramount for the alignment of teams and services in line with the client expectations.

It’s high time for the FM service providers to make consistent efforts including cost management, value creation and client satisfaction for further market expansion and achieve business goals.

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