Impact of facilities management on business objectives and employee productivity

A business cannot run properly when its facilities and physical assets are not in order. However, a well-organised Facilities Management (FM) program can be a key factor in facilitating productivity for individual employees on daily basis at the workplace. A facilities management professional should be in charge of these operations to ensure improved productivity within the organisation by using the information from maintenance and daily operations reports and determine the best solution for the problem that may arise and can ultimately negatively affect productivity within the workplace.

From broken computers to burst pipes, there are plenty of facility-related issues, errors and accidents that can bring productivity to a halt. In the absence of poor reporting system or chain of command for dealing with facilities-related issues, productivity is derailed not only for the employees directly affected by the issues, but also for many of their colleagues, subordinates, counterparts and managers. Even simple problem like a broken desk chair cannot be replaced due to bureaucratic slowdown that can lead to ripple effect throughout the office.

But when businesses pay adequate attention to FM, it becomes easier to move past these inevitable breakdowns in functionality and bring productivity back on track. An office space that functions properly in a structural sense is better placed to function properly in a work outcome capacity as well. While this is a not significant benefit to incorporating FM techniques or even creating an FM department, it’s the only way good facility, space and physical asset management can make efficient operations more common. Solving problems efficiently when they arise and giving employees a way to report these problems is the first step, but it is not the only way to make productivity a major focus of FM efforts.

Overall, facility management is important for workplace productivity because it is an easy and efficient way to manage and track all the vital information including how the business is operated and maintained. Without these services and the lead of a facilities manager, then the business can experience increased downtime due to maintenance issues, lower employee morale, and decreased productivity that can result in loss of revenue and the additional costs of maintenance due to the operations and systems that were not being managed and examined.

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