Great Service Management- The future for FM

With company’s looking at creating memorable experience and excellent workplace for their employees in intensely competitive market, service excellence is the only way for Facilities Management (FM) growth. A credible and trustworthy FM partner leads to a long term mutual growth. With FM being a people-driven business, the focus on achieving operational efficiency needs to be the utmost priority.

The key attributes of service excellence/great service include:

1. Planning and Execution: The FM division needs to build strong service delivery module with the help of a delivery program in line with the activities of the client. Only well-planned task can lead to successful execution. Promises may help in getting new businesses, but customer satisfactory service delivery will lead to sustainability and growth.  

2. Customer-centric Approach: The FM personnel should be trained to adapt customer-centric approach while delivering efficient services. As FM is a people driven business, behavioral and customer relationship trainings are necessary to keep the people motivated and focused.

3. Innovation: While it is very much essential to ensure smooth service delivery, safe and novel ideas that contribute to the safety of mankind and environment, energy conservation and asset management will always help in gaining client’s confidence and develop a credible team, which is a must for future growth. 

4. Technology: With the onset of 21st Century, technology is pivotal for every business to achieve new heights, and FM is equally benefitted from the same. Going forward, usage of technology tools for asset management, predictive and preventive/planned maintenance, help desk management, accounting and manpower planning should be adopted to achieve service excellence.

5. Customer Feedback: The FM team may claim of delivering great service, however, the same cannot be considered, if the client’s feedback is negative. Hence, the team should be receptive of any criticism or a poor feedback and ensure timely redressal of all grievances.

In this ever-changing business environment, the FM team should look beyond conventional strategies to innovative service strategies in order to add value to clients and deliver quality service. 



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