Technology in facilities management and future of work

In this rapidly changing business environment, businesses are integrating innovative technologies that can make significant impact and build strong environment for the future. On the other hand, businesses that are unable to harness the power of emerging technologies will soon become obsolete and irrelevant. Similarly, facilities management (FM) business is all about people, technology, and if introduced early into the operations, organisation can stay ahead of the curve and maintain competitive edge in the market.

In order to remain relevant and progressive, FM companies needs to anticipate upcoming trends, especially the ones arising out of the clients soaring demand of enhancing its employee productivity, and thereby quickly adopting and integrating into the business. However, organisations should not adopt new technologies just because other companies are embracing it! It is important to increase the productivity and health of FM workforce while enhancing operational efficiency of the client’s business. Having said that, FM organisation and the client should collaborate to ascertain the best technology that can be adopted in order to create a conducive work environment.

Regardless of the size and nature of client’s business, some of the key consideration that a FM company can consider while introducing technologies or choosing a software to enhance its operational efficiency are given below:

  1. Do not make a long list of features or modules as many of the features go unused
  2. Map your current and future requirements against the existing resources, and identify core functions that may need the software to perform, thus avoiding unnecessary add-ons or upgrades
  3. Design the work flow to integrate all activities is a key to success 
  4. Include provisions for scaling up the software design / modules and align with future requirements
  5. Review periodically and improve the work flow design to measure and improve the operational efficiency

With more data available and wider range of analysis can be achieved through emerging technologies, partnership between FM organisation and client will truly result in higher productivity and turbocharge decision-making that will change the way we conduct every aspect of the business.

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