I like to move it move it!

For those of us who experienced the dance music scene in the early 90s and had a liking for the “house” genre (with some reggae thrown in to make the lyrics indecipherable), this subject line must bring back some fond and possibly embarrassing memories. For those of us who somehow missed getting inducted into “house/dance” scene, we may have heard King Julien’s version of this song more recently in the immensely successful DreamWorks production – Madagascar. If you haven’t heard the song or seen the movie, may I please recommend you find time to do both - you are clearly missing out!

Albeit, this write-up is not about the song or the movie. This one is about “moving it”. The Merriam- Webster dictionary, defines the meaning of these two words as follows.

Move (verb)    go in a specified direction or manner, make progress

It (pronoun)    used as subject or direct object or indirect object of a verb, a person or animal whose sex is unknown or disregarded

Simply put, all of us need to be constantly moving something in a specific direction, each moment of our waking lives. And mind you, sometimes “moving it” may be moving yourself. Sideways, forwards or out of the way – I leave to your best judgment.

With the advancement in management consulting and easy access to best business practices, most of us have our tasks clearly cut out. And while the typical work day for many may not provide this perspective, the truth is that the sum total of everything that each of us do every day adds up to just one thing - moving the net value (share price) of our organisation north. And the purest way to do that is by moving our profits north. I also have an opinion on the “how” part of what we do, but I will leave that for another song.

So, every day, each one of us has the opportunity, and the responsibility, to “move it”. Choose what you want to move – something urgent, something important, an inspection, a review, a proposal, a report, a lease agreement, a concrete pour, a term sheet, a colleague or another life that came in contact with yours, your health, or yourself – but make sure it’s in the direction that increases value. And even better if you can measure it!

Think about it. What is the primary most instinctive way of telling if something is alive or not? If it moves it’s alive! So don’t waste time spending your living moments in the inanimate state. Rest enough, but keep moving. Keep at it. Keep keeping at it!


About the author

Saacketh Chawla, Deputy Managing Director, Colliers International India has close to 17 years of experience in the real estate & construction industry, across the globe. He has been involved with Architectural firms and Real Estate Consultancy firms, with whom he has worked in London, New York & India, across sectors.

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