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Rental Housing – a baby step ahead, still more to go

By Surabhi Arora. To accommodate the large rural population pouring into the cities, the Government has unveiled a policy to promote housing rentals. Good idea to complement housing ownership but is it too early to call it a success?

Do care

By Saacketh Chawla. For any successful money making business strategy, tactics, board rooms, video conferencing and off-sites all play a part. Is that right? Maybe not. How your brand is perceived by others is not about strategy, but basic human emotions

Chennai deluge gives out a wakeup call

By Nitasha Jain. The leading automobile hub of the country turned into a chaotic boat race venue after the floodgates of heaven opened up, pummelling the city from above. If one step towards urbanisation throws us back many steps, where do we see ourselves in the years to come?

Stay earthquake safe

By Girish Choudhary. A 7.5 Richter earthquake jolted the Hindu Kush region on 26 October 2015, causing widespread destruction and mounting casualties. It hasn't been a very silent year anyway. With no control over the cause, we can atleast take some simple steps to ensure safety for ourselves and people around us.

Transit Oriented Development – need of the hour

By Surabhi Arora. The soaring population throws at the metros, everyday challenges of traffic congestion and of course the hazardous pollution. With the citizens suffering enourmous commuting time and adding to the huge national loss, Transit Oriented Development is a much welcome relief.

Ease in FDI norms set to boost the real estate market?

By Surabhi Arora. Although the changes are being seen as radical by the market, the norms seem to be more directed towards rationalising and simplifying the complicated foreign investment process in Indian real estate. How will they affect the real estate industry?

New FDI policy opens flood Gates for Indian real estate

By Nitesh Punjabi. The central government sent Diwali greetings to the real estate industry by announcing the biggest FDI reform in real estate since the first FDI policy in 2005. The change is impressive and the timing excellent.

Good-to-know facts before investing in luxury realty

By Surabhi Arora. Luxury home has no clear definition, and therefore keeps crisscrossing between affordable luxury, super luxury and ultra-luxury. It is important to identify your luxury quotient before you take the plunge. Help is your way!

What to look for in your facility manager

By Chunilal Chatterjee. What comes to mind when you think of an effective Facility Manager? Sound technical knowledge, hands-on industry experience? Well, isn't that a given? What are those cutting-edge qualities that tell them apart from the crowd? Find out here.

Here we go again

By Joe Verghese. Ecommerce is the buzzword! As compared to real estate, which enjoyed a similar phase in 2005-08, a similarity is seen in excess capital chasing few good investment options. During its period of hyper investment, one of the biggest mistakes that real estate industry made was to assume that the party would never end. Are we seeing another industry start to assume the same?

Up and close with Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

By Vinay Rangani. What are REITs and how do they propose to solve the various issues plaguing our realty sector to bring in the much needed “clean” and “stable” capital. Wait a minute, do they really solve all the issues? And most importantly if they do, why are they not here yet?

Investing in real estate? Make informed decisions

By Surabhi Arora. Despite the fact that real estate prices have traversed affordability levels in most Indian cities, residential property has always been a favourite investment avenue for Indians. Weigh out your pros and cons well before you embark the bus. 

Branded residences – will the early birds find a nest?

By Surabhi Arora. Celebrities could soon be designing your new house or be your next door neighbour! Well, with branded residences setting foot in India, anything is possible. However, the question is whether this residential concept that worked well overseas is here to stay in India?

Workspace trends in India

By Saurabh Singh. People probably never see it this way, but most of our non-sleeping hours are spent in our workplace. There is a fair chance that these productive hours are being spent fidgeting in our cubicles. Food for thought? Reason enough to reconsider and redesign the often overlooked office space? Read on.

Vision Smart Cities: a business case for Smart buildings

By Surabhi Arora. Now is the time for forward-thinking developers and landlords to prepare themselves to lead, rather than follow the change. The perception that Smart Cities is an expensive concept is passe. Get to the depth of it to rise to the top!

Planning to buy property abroad? Do not miss these tips

By Surabhi Arora. Reserve Bank of India has increased the foreign remittances limit up to USD 2.5 lakh per financial year per person. This opens up many opportunities for Indians. Buying a property overseas is a good idea, however one must use some handy tips.

Evolution and need of high rise developments

By Arvind Kapoor. India's developing economy is driving a new found demand amidst modern masses to live at higher floors. Find here the pros and cons of living in high-rise and low-rise accommodation.  

Goa – a great second home destination

By Surabhi Arora. Goa has been promoted as a round-the-year tourist destination across India and overseas. With blooming tourism in the city, there's nothing that can hold it from becoming a preferred holiday home destination.

Is my habitat earthquake proof?

By Saacketh Chawla & Mohit Kanwar. The recent human tragedy in Nepal caused by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake is still unfolding. And while we do what we can to help and pray for our neighbours, through every mind that felt the tremors passes at least once the same thought – “is my habitat earthquake proof?”

Is it the right time to invest or stay invested in Gurgaon?

By Surabhi Arora. With Gurgaon's property market hitting a record low in the last one year, investors are confused whether they should remain invested, enter the market, or exit it. In such a scenario, here is how to make a wise decision in case of Gurgaon’s realty.

Looking to buy property in 2015? Here's help

By Surabhi Arora. For the Indian real estate market, 2014 was an action-packed year. The overall economy represented a tale of two halves. What do the two halves reflect and what does 2015 look like?

Ready-to-occupy flats are a low risk real estate investment bet

By Surabhi Arora. With the cash-strapped developers invariably delaying their projects in almost all major cities of India, many buyers, especially the end users have started preferring ready to move in, or properties nearing possession. Here's how you can benefit.

Renting out your flat? Here are tips you must read

By Surabhi Arora. Renting a property is a full time task which requires both time and management. If you are planning to let the property, you should always keep a few things in mind to earn good rent and safeguard your interest in property.Read on to dig deeper.

Residential Investment in India - Mumbai Vs Bengaluru

By Surabhi Arora. Mumbai is traditionally an investor's paradise whereas end users dominate the Bengaluru residential investment market. Here's an eye-glass view on what drives investment in the two cities and what lies ahead.

What to expect from a real estate agent?

By Surabhi Arora. Prima facie it seems that doing the real estate transactions on your own can save a significant amount of commission for you. Find out why you should not discard the idea of hiring an agent and what to expect while dealing with them.

Budget 2015 to fast track real estate growth

By Surabhi Arora. Looking at the larger picture, this budget is a mantra to put the country on ‘a trajectory of fast track growth’, aiming for the ambitious double digit GDP growth rate. Although indirect to the Real Estate industry than what a few industry related announcements would have achieved.

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