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Residential investment destinations of 2014

A myriad of factors must be considered before plunging into the right residential investment. Here is a study that surfaces top investment destinations for 2014 in the major Indian markets.

Affordable real estate is the key

If you are looking to invest in residential real estate, here is an insightful article that highlights key factors to bear in mind before you step out.

Ahmedabad - the future city of India

Ahmedabad has recently established itself as a major IT/ITeS and retail destination. With several favourable economy drivers, the city is on its way to being a preferred residential destination.

Areas to watch for investments in 2014

Discover emerging areas for investment in 2014 based on their strategic locations, upcoming infrastructure developments, arbitrage opportunities and availability of land for development.

Goa - an idyllic holiday home destination

A state that is already swamped with tourist is still not fully explored by investors. The holiday destination is sure on its way to being a holiday-home destination!

Hyderabad - infrastructure driving city real estate

From the aging rules of Shahs and Nizams, today the city of Hyderabad has evolved to offer excellent infrastructure that make it a convivial real estate destination. Dig deeper into how the changing dynamics of the city are fuelling the residential market.

Jaipur - leading the transition of tier II cities

The Pink City bagged 24th position in the Fastest Growing City survey conducted in 2011 by City Mayors Foundation, an international think tank based out of London. Find out what factors favour the residential evolution of the city.

Kolkata - rising affordable metropolitan city

Kolkata, which had once housed the capital of India during a large part of British colonial rule, is now the capital city and the real estate hub of the state of West Bengal. Find out why.

Use the lens of an investor

Residential property has been a very popular investment asset in India. There are different considerations if you are not buying residential property for self-use. Here is what investors must consider.

Mangalore - next IT/ITeS hotspot

Mangalore is the second fast developing city in Karnataka after Bangalore. The city has witnessed decent growth in the last decade which is spreading wings to new industry sectors. Read on to where the city's residential road is headed.

Pune - potential next Silicon Valley of India

The second largest city in Maharashtra is witnessing aggressive development in its residential landscape. Read on to take home a well spun research and take an informed decision.

REITs - an investor perspective

The REITs have proved to be efficient investment opportunities due to their transparency and liquidity advantages. Find out why should investors consider investing in REITs.

REITs in India- is this the right time?

REITs are an efficient way of raising capital and provide an easy exit route to investors. But the question that remains is whether it is the right time to introduce REITs in India. Perhaps the answer is yes!

REITs set to become more financially viable

Definitely a positive move to push introduction of REITs which are proving to be an efficient and effective investment tool worldwide due to their transparency and liquidity advantages. Read further to find out how the road ahead looks.

Rental market waiting for an upswing

Demand for premium homes in the rental segment has weakened in the past few quarters across India. What does that mean for Mumbai landlords and tenants?

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