On 28 October 2016, the Colliers India teams decided to support different social causes in order to increase our reach in the community and fight the several issues plaguing the country.  A 1,000+ people strong team (spread across 6 cities) was able to make a substantial difference towards many areas from care and education of specially abled or orphaned children to women empowerment to care of the environment to child adoption, etc.

Here’s a snapshot of where we went and how we engaged with the NGO residents, re-iterating the fact that social giving is far beyond being a year-end chore for Colliers. To us, it is a gesture to help people in need, and the best way to strike a social connect, elicit gratitude and spread happiness.  


The Bangalore office supported the cause of ‘children’s education’ for which the team visited Anchepalya Govt. School. The school houses 85 children from classes 1 to 7. The team plated 30 saplings purchased from another NGO called Rajanet Yegneswaran Charitable Trust (RYCT). In operation since November 2005, the RYCT’s motto is to provide a common cause for people to come together and do something to improve the quality of life for future generations.

In addition to planting saplings, the team put together an array of items to be donated to the NGO, including plastic chairs, fans, dance costumes and accessories, sports equipment, steel plates, cupboards, water storage drums, tape recorder and stationery.


The Chennai team supported the cause of the aged this year, which took them to ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ institution. Established in 1934, the NGO cares and provides for the needy elderly, till the end of their lives. The institute currently houses 120 residents aged 70 years or up. The team spent quality time with the residents and showed them a movie. A washing machine, metal trolleys and snacks were the contribution to the NGO from Colliers Chennai, this year.


The Kolkata office supported ‘Welfare of women and children’ which took the team to All Bengal Women’s Union (ABWU), a home to under-privileged girls and women. ABWU started in 1932 with an aim to abolish the commercialization and exploitation of women and young girls and provide them with safe shelter, food, education and vocational training programs, like stitching and embroidery. Today it houses and nurtures more than 350 under-privileged girls and women.

Mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, induction cookers, oxygen cylinders with trolleys and foldable stretchers was the contribution to the NGO, from the Kolkata team, this year.


The Mumbai team supported Asha Sadan, which works towards the care of under-privileged children. The NGO is home to destitute children, up to the age of 6, and young girls aged 14-20 years, who have no place to call home. This ‘house of hope’ provides shelter to around 130 children and provides adoption services within India and abroad. 

At the NGO, the Mumbai team played and interacted with the resident children. The young girls put together a dance performance for the team, following which our team offered lunch and sweets to all the children. Everyday personal care products was the contribution to the NGO, from Colliers Mumbai, this year.


The NCR office supported Vishwas Vidyalaya, an institution that works towards the cause of ‘disability and development’. Vishwas is a not-for-profit organisation, working in the field of disability and development in Gurgaon, with an aim to offer ‘equal opportunity and inclusion’. The school caters to students in the age group of 5 to 14 years, coming from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and disabilities. The school is open for children without any disabilities as well.

The NCR team engaged with the resident children through Diwali celebrations. Musical instruments including Guitars, Casio Synthesizers, Tablas, Mouth Organs and Flutes were contributed to the NGO by the team, this year.


The Pune office supported Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra which works for the ‘Welfare of families and children in need’. The NGO houses around 150 children (between 0 and 6 years of age) and supports the education of 1500 children, through sponsorships. The institute secures the basic right of every child to family life through adoptions.

At the NGO, the Pune team engaged with the children by organising a Diwali party including burning crackers, playing games, dancing with them and offering them snacks. Baby care products, grocery and Diwali decoration items was contributed to the NGO by Colliers Pune, this year.